Letter From the Principal

Rose Ferrero Elementary School

August 12, 2021

Dear Parents of Rose Ferrero Students,

As I do every year, I want to take this opportunity to welcome each and every one of you to a new school year – one we have all been looking forward to here at Rose Ferrero – a year in which students are returning to in-person instruction! This will be my sixth year as principal at Rose, and I can assure you that as always, my staff and I are committed to doing whatever it takes to increase your child’s reading, writing, and math levels this school year. As I have stated in the past, I feel it is an honor and a privilege to serve as the principal of such an exemplary and student-centered learning community that is Rose Ferrero Elementary School, and I can promise you that all of us at Rose Ferrero are committed to making our school the top school in the entire Soledad Unified School District.

As parents, your participation in your child’s education is more important than ever to the success of the students. As always, I encourage you to become an active participant by encouraging your child to attend school regularly, stay focused on his/her teacher’s instruction, and to hand in all assignments to the best of his/her ability. Research clearly supports that when parents/guardians participate and are involved in their child’s education, there is a greater likelihood of academic success for the child.

I have always believed that communication is the key to a successful educational experience, and as we learned last year, the communication from home to school is more important than ever. Please make sure the school always has your current phone number and an email address if you have one. Moreover, always feel free to contact me at 831-678-6480 or [email protected] at any time. Together, I know we can make Rose Ferrero a great place for your child to learn and grow as a scholar.


Tommy Frank
Rose Ferrero Elementary